How to Layer Skincare Like a Breakout Free Boss

With skincare inventions like essences, retionals, Bhas, sheet masks, cleansing oils and 10 step Korean skincare rountines a girl (or guy) can end up feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed with how many things your meant to put on your face in the course of ten minutes. I feel ya.

Please remember this is a generic, readers digest type routine, and I am no skin expert just a beauty devotee.

Tips and a General Routine 

The general rule of thumb is to begin with the lightest products, and gradually move up to any heavy creams or oils.

The less products you use in my mind the better so that those ones can really work and to stop your skin becoming overwhelmed by all the ingredients in each product.

Ensure that each product you use doesn’t contain a huge list of ingredients on the back, and the first few aren’t things you have never heard of.

I personally also like to use products from the same family but this is a personal opinion and preference thing.

All items you use on your face should also be used on your neck, as this is one of the worst areas for premature ageing.

Hand cream is also a great addition to any morning and night routine for the same reason as your neck. They wrinkle fast.

To generalist a skin care routine should look something like this : 

Cleanse or double cleanse to get rid of dirt and grime.

Use a essence or toner to hydrate and prepare skin to be moisturised.

A targeted serum with a treatment focus of your choice (mine is for congestion).

A oil or cream to seal in products and to moisturise.

A eye cream if you need it for the delicate eye area (I use a eye serum to keep the eye area supple but not oily).

Finish up with a pimple cream if needed.

Once to twice a week use a scrub and your choice of mask (I use a clay one to refine and halt any pimples).

This routine should be done twice a day; with the addition of an SPF in the morning. If you have less time in the morning skip the essence and serum (only if you have to).

I love completing my daily skin care rituals and hope you do too! ❤️




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