8 Playsuits For Any Festive Event

Between you, me and Netflix, I’m much more of a playsuit kinda gal then a dress gal. Plus often playsuits give the illusion that you are wearing a dress to keep your grandma happy.

It means I can still run, climb treams and pet my dog while looking a bit fancy and in Winter (how I miss thee) I wear them with tights and ankle boots and big denim jackets or a teddy coat.

Below are 8 playsuits for the festive season for different events, budgets, body types and temperatures. But any body looks good in a playsuit ! I personally do not wear full length ones as they make me appear to be ten years old. I buy most of my clothes from Princess Polly or thrift them.

1. Princess Polly 👑

I think this would be beautiful with a denim jacket, tan slides, and a big green headscarf; perhaps for a picnic or lazy Sunday cocktails. Around $60.

*Princess Polly Image

2. Alice Mcall 🙍

I love the classic black and white look and how vintage it looks. I would style this with black booties,  a long line cardigan and hoop earrings. Between $200 and $300, and it is currently on preorder.

*From Raney’s Instagram

3. Things we lost 🤔

If I wasn’t short I would buy this in every colour. I love the tie up waist and super low back and the emerald colour. I would wear this to work or house party with black wedges, a huge topknot and sparkly star earrings. Around $100.

* Pinterest Image

4. Asos 🙊

This is part of the petite brands section but I think you can also get it in tall and regular. I love anything that reminds me of my grandma’s vintage tablecloths and the neckline is flattering to all shapes and sizes. I would wear this to a music festival with white converse shoes and a floppy hat. Could also be good for a beach sesh. Retails at $40.


* Youtube Image

5. Princess Polly 👑

I always going to include two playsuits from PP. I love both of these so it’s convient to have them in the same place. I especially love the lemon print as it reminds me of sunshine and lemonade. If you are in a colder place you could wear either of these with an oversized cardigan, (maybe in tan or white ) with sneakers or ankle boots. They cost $100 each.


7. The Fifth Label 🌟

The navy is beautiful and the layers add a lovely drama to it, I think this type of piece needs to be paired with super simple accessories, and perhaps dainty silver earrings or rose gold if that’s more your thing. I would wear to a special date or to Christmas dinner. If you live somewhere cold this would also look beautiful with tights and knee boots.

* The Fifth Label Website

8. Keepsake the Label

I’m a bit in love with embroidery paired with black at the moment. I would wear this out dancing or for Friday night cocktails, with strappy sandles or ankle boots, with pearl earrings and perhaps a Dutch side plait. Great with navy coat if it’s cold.

*Keepsake instagram


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