Yoga Things

I thought it could be fun to write about all my favourite yoga bits and bobs and why I rely on yoga for my mental health and resilience levels.

As someone with a very busy mind, I find yoga one of the few ways to quieten it. When I have a bad day, all I want to do is run to my mat.

I do balancing poses after a hard day, inversions when I’m sad, flexibility sequences whenever I can, breathing based yoga poses before a exam or on the bus and strength based yoga when I need to sweat.

There is a type of yoga for every ailment, every body type and for every personally in my humble opinion. I mean even dogs are doing yoga these days. It also doesn’t need to be about bending and flexing and balancing it can be about finding peace in a busy world or simply after a busy day.

My Favourite Yoga Blogs – I love how this hollistic site discusses the benefits of yoga. – This would be my most looked at yoga site; they have a library of poses which is incredible. – A lovely Swedish yogi with lengthly knowledge and diverse practice ideas. – A collection of yoga resources and publications from around the world.

Youtube Channels

Yoga by Candance – I love her soothing voice and her creativity with mat based yoga.

Yoga with Adrienne– This sunny soul is famous for a reason; she even does Halloween themed yoga each year.

Boho Beautiful– This couple will make you want to travel while doing yoga. They feature lots of animals too, which I love.

Yoga Clothing

Dharma Bums – A beautiful Aussie label with lots of different tights patterns and durable fabric.

Minkpink Active – A Street wear label which has branched off into good quality and slogan based active wear

The Upside – This brand isn’t cheap but they have superb sports bras and jackets. They have gorgeous elephant and flower print leggings too.

Namaste 🙏 ❤️




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