Fighting Troubled Skin

At 24, I still get hormonal breakouts each month and spots when I’m stressed or eating badly. To prevent them I use a number of products, tricks and methods as they really get me down. I also want to discuss the factors that contribute to pimples and some common myths that people suggest causes acne.

As always I am not any sort of expert just a beauty junkie and avid reader.

Genetics – I get eczema and weird skin rashes and have to be really careful with the products I use. If your parents got spots or even acne sadly its more likely that you will get them too. I had a horrible skin as a teen as oily skin, and pimples do tend to run in the family. It’s important to remember that no matter how many products you use, that genetics and age will stay play a factor in how your skin looks.

Lifestyle –  If you eat badly ,smoke, drink heavily, party hard and don’t get enough rest your skin will be one of the first places on the body to show this. I also get more pimples over the summer heat in Australia, and when I have hay fever or am run down my skin gets more congested.  In the past when I’ve been lazy or not spent proper money on skincare my skin shows this. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun just drink lots of water, rest and eat well where possible.

Hormones and Birth Control – I hate hormones, the little buggers can really wreak havoc on your skin without warning and still do no matter how much water you drink or how many saunas you invest in. This is important to remember when you get down about your skin, everyone suffers from this at all different ages. Its worthwhile thinking about your birth control if you are on it, as some can make your skin better or worse. Hormones play a huge factor in a women’s life, and it’s really important to workout what your’s are doing and how they are affecting you in everything from mood, to pimples.

Pimple/ Acne Myths that are total crap

  • Washing your face too often causes acne
  • Chocolate makes you breakout
  • Popping a pimple makes it go away faster
  • Hormonal fluctuations only occur in teenagers
  • Acne and pimples are caused by cheap skincare products
  • The sun helps to clear up pimples
  • Blackheads means you aren’t clean enough

Products I love 

Aesop Control – This tiny tube helps to get rid of pesky pimples, and smells wonderful while doing it. It does sting a little which I like as it shows it’s working.

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate – A gorgeous, pimple controlling mask that eats up pimples and eases red marks.

Elf Anti Redness Primer – I suffer from redness and this green primer stops me from looking like a can of tomato soup if I’m having a bad breakout month. I also use their colour correcting powder after foundation which works like a treat (I mentioned this in my monthly favourites).

Witch Hazel – My mum introduced me to this toner and it helps to control pores and oils. It’s also a bargain and I like the way that it makes my skin tingle.

Turmeric- If you are not vegan, applying turmeric and honey overnight to a pimple is meant to be wonderful.  I would put a bandaid over the top to keep the mixture in place. If you are vegan you could try using raw sugar or apple cider vinegar.

Product Links 

Aesop Control –

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate –

Elf Anti Redness Primer –

Witch Hazel –



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