Monthly Favourites

Hey Hey,

Its that time of the month where I write about things I am loving, and maybe help you to find a new product, podcast or inspire you to use tofu or another new ingredient.

As always I’ll begin with food and the links will be at the bottom of the page if you like the look of anything. If there is anything I should buy, eat, or watch please let me know in the comments.


Almond Milk – I have swapped from soya milk to almond milk as I think soya milk makes me gain weight. I like the homemade one that I buy from my local market and also like to add in a little vanilla essence and cinnamon if I’m feeling like something sweet. If you love soya milk then please do not worry, as what foods work for your own body is a very individual thing. If you have a strong blender you can also make your own plant-based milk which is wonderful.

Fruit Bread – I buy this very fancy, thick, sourdough fruit loaf, from the big city market. Its flavoured with molasses and is full to the brim of spices and fruit. I like it with a big dollop of butter and a cup of chai tea. I hope one day to create my own when I have the time, and it’s not almost summer.

Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate – This chocolate is creamy, vegan, coconutty, and indulgent. I buy a mini bar if I’m tired or cranky after a long day, and savour eating it on the bus home.

Makeup / Beauty / Skincare

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil –  Another day, another Aesop product. This oil is beautiful for my sensitive, and congested skin. I adore how it doesn’t leave any residue but still gives sustained moisture. I use this after my fabulous cleanser and before my moisturiser. It also smells amazing like every Aesop product.

Elf Colour Correcting Powder –  I often have red skin due to its sensitive and this $8 dollar correcting powder is great for covering it. I apply it after my foundation and it also extends the staying power of my makeup. I love its huge mirror as well.

Yankee Candles Pumpkin Spice Candle –  It’s funny that I’m including a pumpkin spice candle at the end of spring in the hot Australian climate but I can’t go past a spicy or dessert like candle any time of the year.  These aren’t the cheapest candles but a large one lasts me months with sustained burning. This one smells like gingerbread and happiness and my dog always thinks it’s a cake baking. So it must be good.

Blogs/ Youtube/ Internet

Self Care Kit –  If I’m having a bad day I like to look at this cute little Tumblr for self care ideas and funny memes. I also link this to any friends who are having a bad day.

Ashley Brooke Youtube – This is quickly becoming my favourite youtube channel and if I have mentioned her before I’m sorry. She creates amazing ‘ how to style’ videos, and I love watching her vlogs to unwind, as she has a very adorable dog and her and her boy are all loved up and cute.

The Makeup Social Facebook Group –  This a private Facebook group, that gives me great ideas for interesting and glamorous makeup looks as well as product recommendations. You ask to join via a ‘ ask to join’ button, and an admin should approve your request.


Nut Milk Recipe –

Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate –

Aesop Fabulous Face oil –

Elf Colour Correcting Powder –

Yankee Candles Pumpkin Spice Candle-

Self Care Kit Tumblr –

Ashley Brooke Youtube –

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