Beauty Products I Will Always Invest In

We all have our different vices in life and beauty products are definitely mine.  There are certain products that I will always invest if I can, and others that I skimp on. I want to explain why I spend more on these products, and why I think its better to spend more on certain products and buy less overall. Its good to look at what you use and what is vital in your opinion to happiness when creating a budget. I personally use public transport and don’t drink often and instead buy beauty products to even out my budget. I have also listed the brands I use for each product below.

* The Aesop photo is my own but one was taken by my mum and the other is from Pinterest 🤔


In the past I would spend scary amounts for a student on makeup, whereas now I spend more on skincare as I can wear less makeup and my skin feels so much better for it. I also have discovered that a lot of chemist makeup ( drugstore for any american guys and gals) is better than some more high end brands and I have recently been investing in Aesop skincare which I have completely fallen for, and am happy to eat more baked beans to be able to afford their products.

Eyeshadow Palettes 

I have three beautiful eyeshadow palettes, and to me they are worth the price due to the product pay off , their butteriness and the fact that I find it rather tricky to find a lovely high street, cruelty free palette.  These were also all gifts for birthdays and I think they make a wonderful gift for most types of women and ages.  A brown, golden one for mature women, neutral eyeshadows for teens and a metallic palette for young adults who are beginning to go out dancing.

Setting Spray 

I partly buy high a end setting spray because I can’t stand the chemical smell of cheaper ones, and also find that in the hot weather in Australia, I need one thats really hard working. I like ones that aren’t sticky and actually make a difference to my makeup longevity.


Perfume to me is a beautiful , pleasure filled invention that allows women and men to express who they are and what they are feeling on that day.  When I had a very ill loved one I really think that perfume helped her to feel beautiful on her lowest of days. I don’t own many bottles of perfume but the ones I do are investments. When I have an interview , or a special date with my main squeeze it can take me quite sometime to pick a sent ( from all three of my bottles) and I think this showcases it’s importance in day to day life.

Lip Balm 

As someone who seems to have permantly dry lips no matter how much water I consume or how many lips scrubs I make; I find fancy lip balm a gorgeous little daily ritual. I also find that a lot of non fancy lip balms rely on animal derived ingredients, such as lanolin. I like ones which smell like roses or citrus fruits.

Hair Oil

I have thick, long, artificially blond locks, so a good hair care product is essential. I find that hair oil conditions, de frizzes and smoothes, all at once so it means I have to use less products all together. Having said that, I also really enjoy the Palmers coconut oil spray.


Skincare – Aesop.

Eyeshadow Palettes – Too Faced ( who have since become a parent testing company 😩) and Hourglass.

Setting Spray – Mecca Comestica

Perfume – Diptique or Dior ( I have a solid Diptique one which is much less pricy and still amazing)

Lip Balm- Aesop or Avene

Hair Oil – Morrocon Oil or Aesop ( again)





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