A Few Of My Favourite Fashion Blogs

When I can’t sleep I look at Fashion blogs. When I can sleep I look at Fashion blogs. When I’m sad I look at Fashion blogs. When I’m happy I do a similar thing.  Fashion truly is art and the following bloggers to me showcase that with intensity.  At the moment in my city,  the big art gallery is showing a selection of designers from Australia who have made it to Paris which inspired me to write this post.  I am always finding new blogs so this may well become a regular few monthly series.

Please let me know any fashion based things I should check out in the comments.

  • Fashion Gone Rogue –  This blog focuses on man style tailoring, clean lines, and the author spends time answering a huge variety of mostly style based questions and I love how she connects with each reader. I also love the Tumblr format as a nineties baby.  http://fashiion-gone-rouge.tumblr.com
  • Always Judging – Another Tumblr based blog with an emphasis on fashion based clothes, tailoring, food, and art.  I like the way that she incorporates her daily life into the blog, and also answers questions beautifully (even the shitty ones). http://alwaysjudgingblog.tumblr.com
  • Fashion Me Now –  Lucy William’s blog is iconic for a reason and her monthly book club has found me some good reads over the last year or so. She also makes me want to Travel (even more) to basically everywhere. http://www.fashionmenow.co.uk
  • Ropes of Holland –  I love the way that this lady styles denim and how she incorporates all different subject matters into her fashion blog. And her Instagram is incredible. http://www.ropesofholland.com
  • Shot from The Street – I religiously watch Lizzy Hadfield’s Youtube videos and her blog is no less wonderful. I seem to love a lot of bloggers based in Manchester. She edits photos beautifully and includes little bits and bobs of handwritten writing, which is very cool. https://www.shotfromthestreet.com
  • Damsel in Dior – I think the name of this blog alone is incredible and the black and white backdrop works beautifully to showcase all her outfits.  Her blog makes me want to wear a huge amount of self portrait clothing which I totally cant afford. http://damselindior.com/

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