A Little Wardrobe Rehab


I apologise for my lack of blog posts; I’ve had a crappy ear infection and still can’t hear much which isn’t so great when you want to Netflix and tea.

I’m no fashion expert and the most worn items in my wardrobe are probably mismatched Peter Alexander PJs or some variation on a polka dot theme. But recently I have been trying to create more of a ‘capsule’ wardrobe with items like stripey tops, good quality boots, tan cross body bags, timeless sweaters or coats and clothes with pops of colour. Over this time I have done a lot of research on being stylish on a budget and wanting to be conscientious of the amount one is purchasing by restyling what I already own. Below are my findings. All the below photos are taken from my Pinterest board; which I will share later when it’s more organised.

  • Review your current wardrobe; Do you have lots of denim but not many quality basics? Do you only wear clothes that don’t need ironing? Could you do with some better clothes hangers to keep the shape of your favourite pieces?
  • Take plainish clothes to a beautiful level with accessories; if you are into trendy pieces look out for coin inspired and rose gold items for 2017/ 18, although classic pieces will see you through more seasons.
  • Update the way you do your makeup for an instantly fresh feeling minus the price tag. A clean eyeliner flick and red lipstick are always wonderful and go with most outfits (even pyjamas).
  • Invest in items you will wear again and again. Some examples could include a soft grey knit, a pair of tan flat ankle boots, a white or light blue shirt, Levi jeans, and a thick wool scarf in your favourite colour.
  • If you have loved highstreet jacket but its buttons are tacky consider swapping them for some lovely wooden, pearl or glass ones.
  • Invest in a good iron or steamer as wrinkled clothes aren’t fun
  • I live for my fabric shaver / de puller as it makes cheap knits look sparkly and new again.
  • Find a vintage style icon who you love ( such as Jane Birkin, Audrey or Grace Kelly) and adapt their style to suit a more modern casual way of dressing.
  • Statement earrings and a bun is my go to when I feel rainy on the outside.

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