Makeup And Self Care For Sickness

Makeup and feeling good about yourself can have a big effect on healing; whether you have the flu or something more frightening, it can transform your outside and therefore your inside a little too.

On really bad physical days sometimes the best thing you can do is spray on a little of your favourite perfume, pop on a spot of bright lipstick and powder your face. Or if you aren’t up to makeup; hand cream, a spritz of toner and a big lovely dollop of moisturiser can help a little.

I truly believe that makeup and skin care products can help during sad times, and with illness. Charities have taken notice and started programs such as applying makeup without lashes after chemo or teaching vision impaired people how to apply eye makeup or wig programs for breast cancer sufferers.  During World War Two during times of horror and stress, one of the only sales that went up rather than down, was that of red lipstick, which I find hugely fascinating.

The key to any type of healing is slowing doing what used to feel good as well as finding new ways to take care of yourself and make yourself feel beautiful. It doesn’t matter if that is a 5 dollar Burt’s Bee’s lip balm or a 200 dollar diptique candle. Below are some tips and products that I myself had found helpful, as well as some tips from researching and visiting lots of beauty counters.

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  • Swapping from a powder blush to a cream blush, gives a less harsh finish on pale or shallow looking skin
  • Skipping bronzer can be a good idea as it tends to be hard to apply when you are tired and emphasizes tiredness
  • Apply a soothing gel or cucumber pieces to soothe puffy or sore eyes (also works wonders if you have been crying)
  • For very dry skin, eczema or post chemo skin, a thick moisturizer from the baby or child section at your chemist can ease discomfort
  • Swapping your regular foundation to a tinted moisturizer is better for skin that maybe dryer than usual and also provides a lovely glow
  • A super moisturizing face mask is a lovely gift for a friend post surgery or post chemo or even just for the flu, as it will give the person twenty minutes where they will be forced to relax
  • If you normally wear a signature color or always have eyeliner flick, keep it up, you want to feel as normal as possible
  • If you don’t feel like applying makeup or don’t have the capacity, ask a good friend to paint your nails in a pretty shade or treat yourself to a luxurious new body wash and lotion
  • A good concealer will cover up scar redness, dark circles, and spots. Pick one with light reflectors to make you look more awake
  • If you have lost your eyelashes or brows a brown eyeliner can be lovely to open up the eyes
  • If you have a sick loved one, consider making them up a care package with a beautiful hand cream, a miniature perfume, a new lipstick and a hair or face mask. Other thoughtful inclusions could include a wheat bag, a luxury pair of socks, a sudoku book and a new tv series to watch.
  • A care package for men could include; a small cologne, a wheat bag, a minty face wash and an easy to use razor
  • I personally wear extra highlighter when I’m not feeling my best as I feel as if improves my mood
* Pinterest Image
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 3.46.52 pm
Aesop always lifts my mood.
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 3.51.10 pm
Products that smell or taste good also help.

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