Op Shopping Tips and DIY Clothing Upgrades

I totally and completely adore Op Shopping and am proud to say this is because of my Mumma. Every since I can remember I have followed her around big and little second-hand shops all around my state looking for amazing vintage dresses, designer hand me downs and chic classic pieces like gray cashmere cardigans and Levi jeans. My dad also loves op shopping now and I too credit this to mum.

One lovely thing about op shopping is that fact that in one row you might have a cardigan from the nineties, a vest from the seventies, a skirt from the sixties and a dress from right now.  Plus you aren’t going to see many people in the same clothes as you if you shop at thrift stores.

Some amazing things you can expect to pick up at op shops include jeans perfect for updating in little cut off shorts, sparkly faux jewels, leather belts, band tees and trilby hats. The list goes on and on and on. Here are my tips!

I have also included some links at the bottom to some funky fashion DIY ideas.

If you like this post keep an eye out for some future Op shop hauls.


Have a clear idea of what you want and don’t want before you go in, so you don’t end up with a dragon onesie and a bright yellow pair of tracksuit pants ( unless you want these in which case yay).

Please don’t settle for Shabby.  There are too many lovely and like new clothing items at the thrift store to think you need to get something with stains on it or a rip.  If you don’t find something, come back another day.

Think of brands you want to look for; I personally only like to go for vintage or fancy brands that are trickier to find and better quality. Some of my favorites to spot include Levi’s, Wrangler, Harrods, Cameo, and Tigerlily and of course bigger brands, like Zimmerman and Alice Mcall.

When you go into one of the big Op Shops, most of them have a color code or number code for a certain percentage off for that day.This can save you up to 50% off on already good bargains.

Pace yourself when shopping. It may seem like a killer deal to buy 5 skirts for $20, but you probably aren’t going to wear 5 skirts. If you over buy, chances are, it’ll end up right back at the same store.

I’ve found in my local thrift stores that often times the sizes and items get all mixed up. If I only look in my size section, I’ve learned I’m limited at what I find.  Plus I like lots of oversized items.

Look in the opposite sex section. I often find wonderful shirts, cardigans, and beanies in the men’s section.

DIY Ideas 

Upgrading skirts – http://hello-refabulous.blogspot.com.au/2015/11/reclaimed-sewing-sewing-with-skirts-for.html

Make vintage items look more current – http://www.thriftanistainthecity.com/2016/01/perk-up-thrifted-outfits.html

Use a plaid shirt for all different projects- http://www.sadieseasongoods.com/repurposed-flannel-shirt-projects/

Make plain black flats more interesting – https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/a-pair-a-spare-4704569/quick-diy-lace-up-pointed-flats-4388418198

Tassel Heals DIY – http://apairandasparediy.com/2015/10/diy-tassel-heels/





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