Products I’m Loving..

In an ideal world, I would have a cupboard stocked full of Aesop products, have on one ballet training and be served peanubutter themed breakfasts each day.  But it ain’t an ideal world unless you are Ryan Gosling.  I love beauty products, my blog will always have a high volume of posts on the subject so I hope you enjoy beauty blogging too.

These are the products I have been loving recently and all are under 30 dollars except for the foundation.  I’m trying to save to travel which means less Mecca and T2 tea and more Priceline and Dilmah. Although to be fair most of my Mecca and T2 purchases are birthday or Christmas gifts so not too much has changed. All products are cruelty-free and most are also vegan.

Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation –  I’ve had this sitting in my bathroom cupboard for a while and recently pulled it out while trying to economise. I always found it a bit too minimal coverage but I’ve been combining it with their loose mineral powder and this turns it into a dewy, high coverage dream.  I also really like their brushes as they are cheap but still good quality.

Coconut Revolution Body Butter –  This smells like Noosa and is full of nourishing organic oils like coconut and almond.  It has really helped my dry skin throughout winter and their scrub is also rather lovely.

Saya Detox Face Exfoliant –  This was a gift from my sweet Mumma as my skin has been a bit congested and crappy lately, after a few colds and although I’ve only used it say four times, I can see a difference in my skin texture. It also smells like a mint lolly.

Aesop Immediate Moisturiser Spray –  This is more of a boyfriend favourite than my own favourite but I wanted to include it as its a very cool product.  This is great if you are tired or your skin needs a quick pick me up as an office worker in aircon all day. Like with any Aesop product it smells insane.  

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub – This is a simple sugar lip scrub and I have been using it on my dry winter lips and following it with the Aesop rose hip lip balm (which I stole from my mum). My lips are a lot less dry and it fixes any popcorn cravings.

Blossam Time Perfume – This lovely little perfume pot, smells like a spicy fruchoc and I love it.  It’s inexpensive and lasts for a long time considering the price point. I love the fact that this is a local, handmade company.

Links :

Foundation –

Body Butter –

Face Scrub –

Moisture Spray –

Popcorn Scrub –

Solid Perfume –

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