Simple Fajitas with Cashew Sauce

If you are looking for a speedy, healthy, high-protein meal then I have your back.

If you are looking for a way to make meat eaters surprised then I also got your back.

Feel free to use different vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato, and kale for fun.

Or fancy up the spice blends say oregano, basil and chives more of an Italiano feel or cumin, mustard seeds, coriander powder and paprika for Indian style fajitas.

For 3 hungry people.


For the baked veggies

2 purple onions

3 capsicums (remove the bitter seeds when slicing)

5 portabello mushrooms

5 garlic cloves

Olive oil

For the Sauce

1 cup of cashews soaked overnight in two cups of water (or by soaking in hot water for 2 hours)

1 teaspoon of each of the following; ground cumin, dried oregano, paprika powder, ground coriander and dried garlic

Salt and Pepper

To serve

1 to 2 avocados

Large Handful of Spinach

Fresh herbs – Coriander, basil, rosemary etc.

6 Mexican wraps ( I use wholemeal tortillas)

Warmed pinto or kidney beans.

Preheat oven to 170 degrees in a regular oven or lower in fan-forced.

Peel ( where needed ), finely slice and spread all vegetables evenly across two well olive oiled baking trays. Bake for forty minutes until veggies are soft and slightly charred. Set aside.

To make the cashew sauce; blend together the cashews and spices until a thick paste forms.  Add in more water if the soaked cashews aren’t soft enough to blend.

Warm the tortillas or other wraps in foil in the oven for around 10 minutes until hot but still soft.

In a small bowl mix together some chopped or mashed avocado, the fresh herbs, and the spinach.  Spread the mixture over the 6 warmed tortillas. Then divide the baked veggies. Finish by topping with a large spoonful of cashew sauce and season well. Finish by pilling on the beans. Tightly roll the fajitas and serve with a green salad or perhaps peas.

P.s I forgot to take the final photos with the cashew sauce on top, so had I to add it in after. * Frowns at self.








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