Simple Ways to Improve Mental Health

Mental Health to me is still in 2017 not talked about nearly enough, and that quite frankly pisses me off. It affects so many people from every age group and from every walk of life.

These ideas aren’t anything particularly ground breaking but, they are things that have made a big difference to me when I’m having a bad week. I am not an expert just someone who has a keen interest in psychology and research and in helping others when I can.

Please please seek help if you are struggling all the time. Whether it’s through a lover, friend , parent, or professional speak up about how you are feeling. No one will judge you ( if they do they suck; walk away ).

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen

Things That Help Me :

Having a pet ( in my case a small grey dog ) really helps my brain when its stuck, because I have someone who needs me and I cannot not walk her because I don’t feel like it.  Being accountable to anyone whether it’s a friend you walk with twice a week or a rabbit who needs a cuddle will help you to ‘get out’ of yourself and stop over thinking.

This is going to sound really lame but if I have a messy house or messy room I find my mental health suffers.  I am a stationary lover and find going out and buying a new planner or notebook, and writing down a plan for the week very calming.

Accept that you may not be feeling great in the moment, or even in the day, or in the week but realise no feeling , no matter how consuming is forever.

Buy a face mask or a hair mask, put on your favourite show or movie and take some time out to care for you. No matter how busy you are self-care needs to happen. Plan for it. Write it in your diary.

Cutting down on sugar, has really helped me, as someone who can be affected by the spikes in energy that sugar often brings.

Being honest and open with the right people and not sugar-coating how I’m actually feeling.

Attending all of my weekly exercise classes no matter how crappy I’m feeling.

Spraying a perfume I love or lighting a candle or oil burner with an uplifting scent as soon as I wake up.

Making a ‘stressed’, ‘ relaxed’, and ‘sleepy ‘ playlist, for different moods and times of the day.

Any type of hot drink to me, is a wonderful and grounding simple act of self-care.


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