Monthly Favourites

It’s nearly September. Jeez. And that means monthly favourites!

This month I’ve been huddling up near my heater and spending lots of time with my dog and doing extra Barre classes.  I’m excited to plant some new plants in my little garden as spring comes nearer and nearer despite being a complete winter baby.

If you are interested in anything of the things mentioned their links will be at the bottom of the page as always.  All products are cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge.


Red Lentils –  Not exactly ground breaking but I have been loving these in soups, bakes, dhal and mixed with curry paste, veggies and brown rice for a super simple weekday dinner.

Dill Superkraut by Peace, Love and Vegetables –  This was a heaven found purchase for me as I love anything sour or zingy and also the flavour of dill. This beauty boasts an unstoppable combination of cabbage, dill and caraway seeds and is lovely on toast with avo or in salad.

Tea Parties – My mum recently hosted a tea party and I had so much fun eating scones, lemon cake, tiny sandwiches and drinking bottomless cups of tea. I know it wasn’t strictly healthy but it was delicious and sometimes you just need that. I think the humble tea party needs to be brought back.

T2 Sticky Honey Chai –  This is a lot of money for me to spend on tea but I loved this and it was limited edition so I had to buy it at least once. If you are looking for a cheaper option the Lipton Chai is warming and lovely too and could be served with honey or brown sugar to achieve that sticky element.

Beauty / Skincare / Makeup

Mecca Clean Slate Micellar Water –  This makeup remover cleans away every trace of makeup with out stinging which is amazing. It’s not cheap but I believe that skin is an investment. I believe they have just put out a cheaper version by mecca max which also looks great.

Sportsgirl Brow Pencil – This is cheap and cheerful and easy to use on the bus or when I’m in a rush. Its a nice colour and the spoolie brush is lovely too.

Burts Bees Gloss Crayons – These are beautifully pigmented and also moisturise the lips, and are good for a clutz like me who has an unsteady hand. They have jojoba Oil, Kendi Oil, and Shea Butter and like all burts bees products are totally natural and wonderful

Blogs / Youtube / Apps

Lizzy Hadfield – This is a gorgeous fashion youtuber from Manchester in the UK who has a wonderful tailored and tomboyish style. She does segments on topics such as testing out basics ( say white shirts ), styling ideas and daily vlogs. I enjoy her english accent and find her videos lovely to chill out to and to get new ideas from.

Great British Bake Off –  This sounds so lame but my boyfriend and I are currently binging on all the seasons of the British Bake Off and it has really inspired my recent baking efforts. Its relaxing after a long day and my dog also seems to enjoy it.

Tracy Anderson Dvds –  A few weeks ago I had an injury, which prevented me from getting to my exercise classes so I bought out my old favourite exercise dvds. Tracy Anderson is a ex dancer and this really comes through in her routines. I find they are good for flabby arms and thighs and are also quite fun with interesting background music.


Sauerkraut –


Micellar Water-

Brow Pencil –

Gloss Crayon –

Lizzy Hadfield –

Tracy Anderson –

2 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites

    1. Me too ! I will have to try those. Thank you for the recommendations 🙂 I love New York and Melbourne Breakfast with my morning porridge and their sleepy tea is great if you cant sleep.


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