4 Teas for 4 Different Ailments

When I was about 11 I discovered that you could rip apart a tea bag (before the time of discovering the wonderful world of loose leaf) and from then on a love affair with the whole idea of discovering what made up tea began.

This was also when I discovered the idea of making teas from your garden to help ease such common ailments like monthly cramps, acne, arthritis and sadness even if the effect was purely a comforting one.

I do thoroughly believe that if I had been born in the time of witch hunting , I would probably have been trialled due to my love of mixing up lotions and potions and having a generally hippy little heart.

I plan to start growing a medicinally minded garden with plants such as lemon balm , mint,  chamomile, ginger,echinacea, garlic and rosemary which I can turn to when I’m sick or in need of a pick me up. I will keep you updated on my gardening endeavours.

I want to give you three tea recipes for common annoying issues: cramps, the flu and pimples, please remember that I am no expert and these are just the things that I have found helpful for me.

I am always trying to find new remedies so keep your eyes out for more teas and other herb nerd type things.

*If you are pregnant or are on any medication check with your doctor or pharmacist before making your own teas as many herbs can cause drug interactions.

Monthly Cramps Tea

Cinnamon can help to ease painful spasms and ginger has be shown to lower pain levels

2 sticks of cinnamon

1 large piece of fresh ginger (I love ginger but if you don’t just begin with a small amount)

2 teaspoons sweetener of choice

Steep the cinnamon sticks and ginger in hot water for five minutes before taking out the cinnamon sticks and adding in any sweetener ; drink while hot.

Flu Tea 

This does have quite a strong taste but it can be dulled with honey and it does really help.

Garlic is anti inflammatory and anti viral , lemon is full of vitamin C , sage is a natural antiseptic and honey can ease infections.  If you are vegan you could try maple syrup or agave syrup to sweeten.

1 peeled garlic clove

4 sage leaves

1 lemon

3 teaspoons honey

Steep the garlic and sage leaves for four minute in hot water before adding in the juice and zest of one lemon and the honey or other sweetener.

Pimple Tea

Green tea is widely used in Asian cultures to treat acne , mint is antibacterial , turmeric reduces inflammation and orange zest provides vitamin C and flavour.

1 green tea bag

4 mint leaves

1 small piece of turmeric root

Zest of half an orange

Honey or other sweetener to taste

Steep the green tea bag , mint leaves and turmeric root for five minutes before adding in the orange zest and honey.

Sleepy Tea

I have tried a few different sleepy herbs but always go back to plain chamomile as it seems to work the best for me. Chamomile is a natural and safe relaxant.You could also try adding in lemon balm,mint or rosemary which all help to ease stress.

5 dried chamomile flowers

Steep chamomile flowers for 7 minutes before adding in any sweetener or lemon zest depending on taste preferences.

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Citrus! Yes ! Yes! Yes!


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