Monthly Favourites

Oh my Gosh,

We are in August! Not sure how this happened but here we are so I thought it was time to do a round up of the best things I’ve discovered over the last two months ( July was a bit crazy I apologise for not having a favourites that month)

If you are interested in anything of the things mentioned their links will be at the bottom of the page.  All products are cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge.

I like to start off monthly favourites with food, well because you know its food and food for me is a huge source of joy and inspiration.


Pana Chocolate T2 Chai  – This is basically a match made in heaven for this little bean; I love Pana chocolate which to me is the only ‘ healthy ‘ chocolate which doesn’t taste like sawdust ( oh and loving earth) and T2 is my second home after pay day. It’s sweet and spicy and perfect for these colder months in Aus. They have some other really cool looking flavours like lemon and ginger and hibiscus all based around tea (yay).

Pure Harvest Almond Milk – I mostly drink almond milk as it agrees with my stomach and skin and the environment  (aside from the water usage it needs). This may seem like an odd favourite but almond milk can taste pretty bland and watery at times; this one is creamy and not so almondy that it tastes weird or overpowering in tea and coffee.

Pesto – Pesto is the best! Good old basil flavoured on pasta is my current go to comfort food served with avocados and peas and any form of cheese.

Cashew Cheese –  I try my hardest to eat mostly vegan as I love all types of animals and really struggle with the dairy industry so cashew cheese has been a recent new found love,  and I feel as if even extreme meat lovers could come around to it. I normally make my own, but my local supermarket sells a dill flavoured version which sings to my European heritage.

Makeup / Beauty / Skincare

Sigma Brushes – It was my birthday last month and my very thoughtful boyfriend bought me a set of sigma highlighting brushes and holy crap are they good.  They are super soft and has made my makeup feel a lot more put together

Too Faced Peanubutter Palette – My two best friends are peanut butter and my dog so I had to get this palette purely for the smell ( it’s PB scented!!!) and it has turned out to be very pigmented and buttery.

Palmers Coconut Body Oil –  This makes my scaly winter skin soft and the smell is the closest I’m going to get to the Bahamas for a long time. Its also really cheap and doesn’t stain my clothes.

Blogs / Youtube / Apps

Yoga with Candance App –  I have been doing this lovely lady’s yoga videos on youtube for a long time but I finally got around to getting her app last week and it’s perfect if you want to establish or maintain a yoga practice at home ( find it on the app store).

Damsel in Dior –  I love the name of this blog and also love the content despite the fact that I could only afford a sock from the labels she buys. I love the blog aesthetic and seeing where she travels.

Pick Up Limes Youtube Channel –  This vegan youtube channel is a great place to find easy recipes and generally uplifting content from a registered nutritionist.


Chai Chocolate –

Almond Milk –

Cashew Cheese Recipe –

Sigma Brush Set –

Peanut butter Palette –

Palmers Coconut Oil –

Damsel in Dior –

Pick Up Limes –

T2 Tea infused chocolate
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.40.17 pm
Makeup Brush goals * sourced from Pinterest
Pasta night at my local!











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