Indian Chai Tea Mix


If we have met before then you would know one of my very favorite things in the world is strong Chai tea paired with steaming hot almond milk and honey when it’s cold.

Chai (pronounced as a single syllable and rhymes with ‘pie’) is the word used for tea in many places around the world,

It is an ancient beverage which has played an important role in many cultures bringing people together and encouraging warmth in winter,

The spices used vary from place to place and among households in India where my particular blend takes its origins from,

This is a mix created by myself with inspiration via my mum and Indian spice shops,

It is much more economical than buying loose leaf Chai tea from fancy health food shops and in my opinion, it is also more delicious and makes your house smell like an Indian tea shop

The mix makes enough for around ten to 12 cups of tea and if you want to keep for more then a week use ground ginger rather then fresh, if you can afford it , organic spices tend to taste more flavourful,

You could also add in fresh tumeric or fennel seeds.

This is also vegan depending on your choice of sweetner or milk.

Chai Tea Mix

1 cup of loose leaf black tea or 10 english breakfast bags ( preferbly organic )

8 green cardamon pods

8 whole cloves

1.5 cinnamon sticks

A big pinch of pepper

1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger

De seed the cardamon pods by cutting open the shell and extracting the tiny black seeds from inside. Place these in a medium sized bowl along with the other dried spices including the whole cinnamon sticks ( the flavour of these will infuse with the other spices the best when they are kept whole).

Then add in the loose leaf tea or break open all the tea bags and mix until well combined.  Then add in the fresh ginger , once the mix is well cobined place in a well secured tin or container and keep in a dark cupboard for two weeks ( up to 5 if you dont use any fresh spices.

To assemble your chai tea ;  place 2 teaspoons in a tea infuser and steep for upto 6 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.  Top with hot almond or soy milk and your choice of sweetner( I use honey or maple syrup).

chai 1
How Pretty is this teapot! Thanks Nan.
chai 2
cat chai
My boyfriend’s cat sleeping while I make Chai





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