Simple Wardrobe Upgrades

Hello ,

Are you on a budget?

Are you stuck in style rut?

Where I am right now it’s really cold and all I want to do, besides drink almond chai lattes is to buy a beanie and a coat a week, but I am trying to save for things such as a heated dog bed (yes really),

So I have asked my stylish friends ( and my Mumma ) for their tips and tricks for changing or updating one’s style without hassle or money,

I am excited to share these tips and hope they help you to save a few pretty pennies,

I have also been watching some great YouTubers who discuss fashion on a budget and clothing organisation/tips and will link them below.

  • Replace cheap looking plastic buttons on your favourite blazer or coat with some smart metal or pearl ones
  • Invest in a fabric shaver so that you can revamp any old looking knits by removing pilling
  • Buy one pair of fancy leather boots every year or two and when they begin to look worn take them to a cobbler for a new heel
  • Tie scarves around bags, hats and even ballet flats for an inexpensive update
  • Go for dainty jewellery over thick chunky pieces as dainty pieces tend to look more elegant and less cheap than big jewels
  • If you need an update and can’t bare to go totally cold turkey buy a couple of beautiful socks, necklaces or gloves for a cheaper upgrade than buying a new coat or dress
  • Play around with textures to add interest to a monochrome outfit
  • Try adding sparkles, diamantes or wild patterns to small part of your outfit, such as a scarf or earrings; as my super stylish mum often does with her socks
  • If your budget can’t stretch to nice shoes consider going for faux suede over fake leather as it tends to look smarter
  • Save up every year for a few keys pieces that you can’t stop thinking about; for me this year it’s a pair of Obus boots and a Gorman beanie
  • Keep in mind celebrities such as Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Cate Blanchett who all wear a mixture of low and high-end brand
  • Cotton, Wool and Linen almost always look expensive, even if they’re not

Youtube Links

Closest Organisation by White Piece –

Wardrobe Refresh by Rachel Aust –

Capsule Wardrobe by Kitty Cotten –

Wardrobe essentials by The Anna Edit –

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.43.34 am
* Photo from my Pinterest
Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.46.02 am
Emma Watson looking perfect
The Gorman Beanie!





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