Monthly Favourites

One of my favorite segments on any youtube channel is when youtubers talk about what they have been loving that month; so I thought it might be both fun to discuss some of my favorite things for the month of May ( how in holy hell is it June already!!!)

If you enjoy this segment then I plan to include everything from food to makeup,

I will also discuss things on the internet which have brought me joy that month,

If you are interested in anything of the things mentioned their links will be at the bottom of the page.


Brownies –  I don’t mean paleo, gluten free or raw brownies I mean good old fashioned soul soothing chocolatey heaven type brownies. I made a batch for my dad’s birthday and then another batch one Friday night and omg do brownies bring me bliss.  I rotate between recipes from The Cookie and Kate blog or the Donna Hay peanut butter ones found in her cake book.

Rainbow Chai Tea –  Chai tea can often be found in my kitchen so when I find a good one I like to grab it and not let go for a few months. I like Chai tea which is full bodied and slightly vanilla tasting with Indian spice notes to it. I normally have mine with almond milk and extra cinnamon on top.

Loving Earth Coconut Nectar –  I have been putting this on my porridge and on waffles. If you like coconut and maple syrup type flavors;  then this stuff could be your friend. It’s also surprisingly low in sugar and is easy to find at most health stores.

Ginger – I would seriously struggle in winter without ginger.  I put it in everything from soup to chai lattes and really rely on the spice to beat any cold I get; it’s also really good with apples and sultanas on top of porridge.


Sportsgirl Coconut Water Eyeshadow –  For just over ten dollars (Aus) this stuff is magic. It’s creamy and sparkly and is perfect with winged liner for a night of dancing; it even works as a somewhat blinding highlighter (just as I like it) – sorry I can’t find the link so it may only be in store.

Too Faced Eyebrow Palette – This isn’t a cheapie but it lasts forever and takes my brows from zero to hero in 1 minute.  The combination of powder and wax allow you to shape and color in every little strand of hair.

Blogs / Youtube / Apps

Into the Gloss – I don’t know how I’ve taken so long to find this blog but it is a minefield of information on all things skincare and beauty. I often read this late at night when I can’t sleep and it is the perfect relaxing tool; I am eagerly anticipating when their products are available in Australia.

Oh She Glows App – This aesthetically pleasing and informative app is allowing me to whip up beautiful, simple and clever recipes in the kitchen when I’ve run out of ideas for the week. I also have her two cookbooks which are just as great.

What Olivia did – I love this girl’s Youtube and blog. She writes and films about fashion and blogging in an innovative but approachable way and I find myself peeking at her blog a few times a week; she’s also got me obsessed gingham patterned clothes.


Hot water bottles – I seriously could not cope in the cold without a hot water bottle by my feet. Shout out to these hotties!

Sweet potato chips – I make these for my dog using a little coconut oil and salt and she loves them for a healthy snack


Brownies –

Chai –

Nectar –

Eyebrow Kit –

Into the Gloss –

Oh she Glows website –

What Olivia Did –


Birthday Brownies!
Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.03.14 pm
* Photo from Pinterest


ginger 1
Gingery Goodness







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