Cold and Flu Survival Kit

Hello !

I currently have a cold and I hate colds,

As overly active person sometimes to the point of hyperactivity, sitting around in bed for days doing nothing really isn’t my jam, so I employ a lot of tricks and tips before I consider getting my myself to the Doc,

I am truly not a medical person more of a crazy witch type doctor person, who would prescribe honey, ginger, and star gazing to their patients,

If you like natural remedies look out for my cold and flu iced tea post in the next couple of weeks,

And If you are sick I hope you feel better soon! ūüôā

P.s I’ve had to source my images as I’m a bit poorly to brave the current weather; I don’t like doing this and will not make it a habit.

Fresh Ginger Р The anti bacterial and anti viral properties in ginger help to get rid of a sore throat and soothe a nauseous tummy. Japanese people consume high amounts of ginger and are one of the few countries to consistently reach 100. I make fresh ginger tea, ginger smoothies and ginger flavored curries.

Tumeric Root Р You may have grown accustomed to dried turmeric in your curries but the fresh root is amazing for a huge range of issues from colds to joint pain. Scientists believe that one of the reasons why turmeric is so effective is because it contains curcumin; a bright yellow nutrient that has been proved to reduce pain and swelling. I make golden milk ( a post on this to come) and add it to my chai tea along with a little honey.  I find this hard to pick up at my local supermarket so source it from organic shops or from weekend markets.

Honey –¬† I try my hardest to eat as vegan as possible but honey is one of the things I just cannot seem to give up and probably never will; this gorgeous caramel covered liquid saved me over and over again during a bout of tonsillitis. Honey is antiviral, germ killing and has been used since ancient times to cure all sorts of ailments I put it on everything. If you are vegan maple syrup or agave syrup are also worth looking into.

Breathe Easy Essential Oil – When I’m sick I rely heavily on essential oils to clear out my sinuses. I put this in my oil diffuser before bed and it really helps me to get a good night’s sleep. ¬†Look out for oil blends with lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and clove bud for colds.

Soup –¬†Nothing seems to help one quite like a huge pot of vegetable soup made with onions, spices, and good quality stock to encourage healing.

Wool Socks –¬†My beloved grandma always drilled into to me to wear thick socks to stop warm air from leaving your body and I’ve always carried this with me.

Tea – I buy a tea for colds from my health food store and also make my own which will be in a post soon.

* All images sourced from Amazon and Pinterest.

ginger 2
Turmeric Root
ginger 3
The oil I use
ginger 4
Happy Bee Honey
ginger 1
A wonderful tea!

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