Warming Orange Dhal

Hello ,

Its raining right now and do you know what that means? It means it’s time to make dhal. If you don’t know what Dhal is, it’s an Indian thick stew-like curry that is the perfect meal for when you need comforting or when it’s winter,

There are many variations on Dhal but I make mine with veggies, coconut milk, stock, herbs and lots of spices.

This meal is perfect when serving big groups of people as the amounts can be easily increased or for when you can feel a cold coming,

The only disadvantage to Dhal is that no matter what, it does not look pretty in photographs but it is delicious and that’s what matters!

This serves three hungry people.

Orange Dhal 

3 teaspoons coconut oil

4 peeled garlic cloves

1 red onion

Thumb sized piece of ginger

3 large peeled carrots

1 can of full cream coconut milk (light coconut milk stops the creamy factor)

1.5 cups red lentils

1.5 cups of veggie stock ( organic where possible)

1 stem of fresh curry leaves

1 teaspoon each of mustard seeds, ground coriander, cumin seeds and cardamom pods

1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Brown Basmati rice for serving

1 small lime

Finely chop the garlic, ginger, onion, and carrots.  Heat up coconut oil in a large soup pot and add in the garlic, ginger, and onion and cook for two minutes before adding in the carrots,

After two minutes of cooking the veggies, add in all the spices and curry leaves and simmer until fragrant,

Once the carrots are softening, heat up your stock and add to the pot, along with the lentils and coconut milk,

Cook for 15 to 20 minutes stirring frequently to prevent catching,

Serve over brown basmati rice and top fresh lime juice.

dhal 3
Setting up
shal 2
Red Lentils
Curry Leaves
dhal 6
Yum! Yum! Yum!
Stirring it up

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