Choosing​ a Foundation Online

If you can then always, always go in store to swatch a foundation so you can see how it looks in and out of natural light and also test out the formula on your skin type,

But sometimes it isn’t possible to test out the foundation or the foundation is only online (I’m talking to you born this way by too faced) if this is the case then I have a few tips and tricks for ensuring you get a good match.  I also have some cruelty free recommendations for different skin types.

  • Firstly work out what undertone your skin has; this is basically how light or dark your skin is.  Skin tone usually falls into three categories; warm (olive or yellow ), cool ( red or pink) or neutral.  The easiest way to find your colour is to look at your veins; warm undertones make your veins appear greenish and cool tones show up as purple
  • Next, you need to decide which formula will suit your skin type; mineral foundations can make dry skin thirsty and some liquid formulas will slide off oily skin
  • Now know your formula; do you want a liquid foundation? A cushion compact for touch ups? A Mineral powder to prevent blemishes? A tinted moisturiser for work? A long wearing formula for date night?  Do you want a full, medium or light coverage? Once you have answered these questions you can eliminate and narrow down
  • Google images of the foundation you want to buy and see if any photos of people match how your skin tone looks and see what colour or number they are in your desired foundation formula
  • Try using a foundation matching service online where you enter your existing foundation and it will provide you with a colour match from certain brands ( you still need to do the other steps as this is not always 100% reliable). This is one such site;
  • Check the returns policy; can you return the foundation or swap for a different shade if the colour looks wrong?
  • Remember that computer screens can distort colours slightly. When in doubt, choose your foundation based on the description, not the colour in the picture.
  • If you’re still having trouble working out which foundation is best for you, send an email and ask the company whether they are able to send you a few samples. This will allow you to try them at home and be sure that you’re getting the right shade.
  • Skin type recommendations:

Dry  or Mature – Natio Serum foundation or Bare minerals tinted moisturiser

Normal – Born this Foundation by Too Faced or Nars stay all day foundation

Sensitive –  Bare minerals compact foundation or Stila aqua glow foundation

Combo / Oily-  Stila stay all day foundation or Hourglass stick foundation ( my fave)

Acne Prone – Bare Minerals blemish foundation or Natio mineral foundation

Images are from Pinterest , Sportgirl and myself.

foundation hourglass
Hourglass vanish stick foundation
foundation hourglass
Bare Minerals Foundation Range at Mecca Maxima in Sydney
foundation hourglass.jpg
Great cheap little brushes to apply the foundation with

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