Mascara Hacks

Let’s talk Mascara for a second here ; it somehow manages to make you go from exhausted, pale, grumpy sloth to Alexa Chung in 2 minutes flat, okay maybe not quite such a dramatic transformation but it does open up the face and eyes in a unique and impressive way that is unlike any other makeup product  ,

Mascara can also look like a spider has taken over your eyes, when applied in the wrong way so I have enlisted tips from Mecca and from personal experience which I hope prove helpful to you,

  • I am no beauty expert just an extreme lover and consumer of makeup.

Mascara Trickery

  • Before applying Mascara wipe off excess mascara on a tissue or cotton pad to prevent clumps , bumps and other annoying sounding words
  • Apply Mascara from the bottom of the lashes in an upwards motion to create a curl without a lash curler ( these things freak out my boyfriend to no end)
  • Coat both underneath the lashes and on top to get product on both sides of the lashes
  • If your beloved Mascara has dried up and you need a quick fix place it in a cup of hot water to soften the product or drop a couple of non stinging eye drops into the tube
  • Dust transclucent powder on the lashes between your first and second coat for more of a  ‘ wow’ look
  • Use more than one type of Mascara formula; use a thickening mascara to make the lashes more full , a lengthening one to elongate lashes and a de clumping formula to stop that spidery look
  • Rather then throwing out old mascara wands , clean then and repurpose as a cleaning tool to get rid of clumps and excess mascara or as an eyebrow brush/ spoolie
  • Wiggle your mascara wand up and down to really coat each lash

Below I have photographed some of my favourite no clumpy or gloopy cruelty free mascara formulas 🙂 * at the time of publishing these were cruelty free but it is worth regularly checking as the cruelty free status of products changes often.

P.S Apologises for my smaller than usual photos my camera seems to be doing odd thing so I’ve tried it in different locations hence why each photo looks different.




toof aced
Too Faced rarely does wrong
The beautiful and luxe Hourglass Full Spectrum Mascara *photo by friend
Close up of Lash Domination Mascara by Bare Minerals


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