Bronzing and Contouring Tricks

Hello! The hardest skills for me perfect in makeup application have always been either contouring or liquid eyeliner application; so I asked for some tips from the gorgeous staff at Mecca Cosmetica and I have also picked up some of my own tips along the way.

  • Apply bronzer to the places where the sun naturally hits your face; forehead, temples, bridge of nose, cheeks, and chin.  This sounds like an awful lot of makeup but you only need a little bit of color for each area
  • Always apply bronzer right to your neck to stop you looking too pale after the face; just sweep a little bit down and up your neck until you have a light wash and look slightly more tanned
  • Work out your face shape by googling celebrities and check out how they contour and copy what they do; makeup artists rely heavily on the face shape of a client
  • I personally prefer a matte bronzer as sparkly or shimmery ones can highlight blemishes and fine lines
  • Something I always check is if the brand used is cruelty free as a vegetarian and animal lover I pride myself on ensuring my tracks on the earth are as small as possible, most brands have a cruelty free counterpart for the same price. Such as swapping Maybelline for Australias or Loreal for Stila
  • If you have applied too much bronzer, using a small brush apply translucent powder over the area until you are happy with the amount of color left over
  • When I was beginning to contour I started out using a concealer or large eyeshadow brush to prevent overapplying and looking a giant orange twistie
  • When doing a smoky eye look I like to apply a sweep of dark bronzer on to my eye socket to make the look ‘ pop’
  • Makeup is meant to be fun and individual so always always do what feels best for you!



This Narcissist by Nars palette is beautiful


Did I mention that this Too Faced palette is chocolate scented?



These are a few of my favourite things

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