Tips for Buying Clothes Online

Finding clothes online that actually fit and look the same as in the photos is in fact no easy feat ; most shops online will have a different sizes; one size eight will be more like a 6 whilst others will be more like a 10 and some will be just right. Its also very hard to tell the quality of a garment without feeling it first. I am going to share some of the tips I picked up or learn from far too much online shopping. I’m also going to include photos at the end of the most reliable and lovely online boutiques I have shopped through.

  • If you are looking at a dress or pair of shorts and aren’t sure what size to get have a look in your wardrobe at a few of the same items and check the size.
  • When in doubt size up ; as a woman I know how tough it can be to say yes to a bigger size but a alot of styles look good slightly loose and you also have the benefit of being able to eat a huge bowl of pasta without undoing your zipper.
  • When measuring yourself for something online ensure you measure each part of your body ; often you may be a size small in the bust and a size medium in the hips and so on. If you don’t have a tape measure handy use a piece of string and then measure that against a large ruler to get an idea of your size.
  • If you are a woman don’t be afraid of the boy’s department! Men’s jeans , cardigans , shirts and jumpers can all look great on a women’s figure ; I personally love to buy men’s knitwear because they can be so cosy and flatter my curves , another great idea is to your jeans in the men’s department and slash them into a vintage pair of denim cut offs in the summer.  Topman , bonds and Myer all have some great things for girls in the boys department.
  • Research materials when buying a new style of clothing. Often a cotton shirt will be more comfortable then one made out of polyester but will not be as hard wearing so think about the purpose of the garment and how many washes you want it to last through. Another way of doing this is to think of the most loved items in your wardrobe and see what they are made out of and buy it in the same fabric.
  • Before checking out your purchase check the stores return policies ; if you hate the item or it doesn’t fit properly how easy is it to return?
  • Make friends with a tailor and bring in anything that cant be returned or items you love dearly but don’t quite fit properly. The ones in the shopping centres are often cheap with short waiting times.

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