Vegan Iron Sources

I realize that this is a blog and website post that has been done many times before but I personally feel as if its one that should be repeated over and over again for two reasons; one because iron is the central part of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to the blood and two because being tired and lack lustre all the time is not fun. I’ve tried to research and include some iron sources which may not mautomatically come to mind when the word iron appears in your tired brain 🙂  I had a look in my cupboards and the photos are of the vegan iron sources I already had.

  • Dairy Free Dark Chocolate – Not only is dark chocolate delicious and full of antioxidants it’s also pretty high in iron upto 35% of your recommended daily intake can come from a 50g block.
  • Soya milk – There is some debate as to whether or not soya milk interferes with iron take from personal experience having tried almond , oat , cashew and hemp I find soya milk to be the best for energy especially if you look for a brand which has fortified iron and the higher fat ones usually have more than the low fat brands. (I’m watching my waistline hence the fat free soya milk). The amount of iron is depedant on the brand and formula.
  • Quinoa – This amazing grain is not only a much better alternative to rice but is also a easy way to get extra iron in your diet ; its great in soups ,salads and even in desserts. Quinoa contains 1.4mg of iron per 100g serve.
  • Blackstrap molasses – This is a wonderful alternative to honey if you are missing it and its also very high in iron coming in at 4.7mg per 100g. It does have quite an intense taste and when first trying it a little on top of porridge quiets down the flavour.
  • Pistachios – Most people seem to think that cashews have the most iron but in fact pistachios have four times the amount of iron with 14 mg per 100g. I like put mine with muesli in the morning or on toast with coconut yogurt and berries.
  • Potatoes – Although these beauties only contain 0.8g per 100g they are a great source of energy and are so easy to prepare.
  • Dried Peaches- These sunset coloured wonders contain up to 2.7mg of iron per 100gm and can be substituted for chewy lollies when a craving arises.img_9285

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